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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


When was the last time you did see a mountain and stopped your car,got down, looked at the mountain and said my God, thank you, I can't belive my eyes ... this mountain is beautiful.

Then you feel happy, radiant, feel peace in your heart and your mind.

This is the 3 Mamelles mountain in the Republic of MAURITIUS where I live and where i am born. This is the tiny little island in the southern hemisphere in the indian ocean.

When you see the beaches surrounding the Le Morne Mountain, you see the blue-green and clear waters and say to yourself, I am grateful to my eyes to be able to contemplate such scenic beauty. Feel happiness in your whole body, mind and spirit and then say god I am grateful for this beauty.

When was the first time you stopped your car to watch a flower bright and red, flaming like fire, but warm and fragrant, asking you come and touch me, come and snif me, come and pluck me,come and enjoy me. God has been so kind to humanbeings by providing so many natural beauties to keep us happy but we only try to see the bad in others.

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