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Saturday, December 25, 2010

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The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation

Something magical happens when you reprogram your body to become a "Love Magnet". You start manifesting loving experiences everywhere you go! It seems that everyone finds you lovable and enjoyable to be with. People seem to naturally let down their guard around you, knowing their shield which is just blocking out this amazing warm love you have. When you dive deep into your subconscious mind and reprogram yourself to feel loved, lovable and worthy of more love, you'll find that everything changes in the most positive way and you can manifest the love of your life with effortless ease.
In the world of manifesting, you that like attracts like. When you increase the "love vibration" inside your body, you'll automatically start attracting more loving relationships, abundant situations and positive outcomes in your outer world. Just recently I've discovered 31 of the most powerful, life transformational Love Mantras which will deeply reprogram your body and mind with the healing vibration of Love! They will relax you, heal you and make you feel amazing! Each Love Mantra is 10 times as powerful as any negative belief, self doubt, poverty thinking or fear that you have about yourself or your world. Yes, the warm sun of love instantly eliminates the darkness inside you every time you let it shine in.
If your life has been challenging in any way, notice how much love you have been giving and receiving to yourself and other in the past 48 hours? Pay attention to the area in the middle of your chest, and sense if there is any "armor" around your heart. Whenever you put up a shield, you deflect the love that is trying to enter your heart, and then you have to carry around a heavy hard shield all the time! When you listen to these magical love mantras every day, your shields will melt and you'll experience a profound yet simple lightness inside. Everything will manifest easier in your life, and this lighter more loving feeling will guide you naturally into following through with your soul's life purpose and mission here.
Yes, you're becoming more relaxed and at ease about everything...

How does a Love Mantra work? Whenever we repeat an affirmation in a deeply relaxed state, the new belief connects with our deepest essential core. Just as if you were to adjust the spokes that connect with the centre of a bicycle wheel, each mantra adjusts how you are connected with the core of who you are. As the vibration of love seeps deep into your being, your inner spokes expand and this warm healing sensation enters and fills your entire body and mind. When this loving warm energy penetrates your core every day, it completely transforms the way you see, feel and operate in this world.
The Love Mantras work on a very deep subconscious level and thus have instantaneous results. For example, in situations and with people who you would normally feel uncomfortable, you'll notice there's a new sensation of liberation, lightness, or gratitude bubbling up inside you instead. It's as if you're creating a perpetual wave of healing light that automatically radiates out from your heart, throughout your emotional body, and into everyone around you. Just like the sun, you'll naturally warm and give light to everyone in your presence. Radiating pure love is the most powerful thing a human being can do to transform this planet right now, and it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.
Loving energy is contagious and will spread like a wildfire throughout your life! This loving feeling will free you from ANY worry, fear or difficulty you've been creating. In fact, all success in life has manifested because you took action from a place of love. Whatever you do that doesn't contain love, will always result in more challenge, resistance and struggle. The key is to trust in love, let it sink deeply into your core so continuously radiates from the core of your being. This core connection to love allows you to attract and manifest even greater experiences of abundance, joy, freedom and love than you believed you deserved!
Reprogram your subconscious mind to become a "Love Magnet" and you'll automatically start manifesting loving experiences everywhere you are! This great love is already inside you, it is not far away at all. Yet, when you reprogram your mind with these Love Mantras, you'll naturally feel connected, supported, and aligned with the highest vibrations in this Universe! This 25 minute guided manifesting meditation is an experience that can transform your life in the most miraculous ways! It will help you sleep deeply every night and effortlessly create a life which is overflowing with joy, success, inner peace and love!